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We’re thrilled to announce our #AMA with ROUL Token

DATE : 2nd May 2021

VENUE : @thecryptostalkers


  1. @lostprocrypto

2. @skyistoohigh

3. @mt_usa

Before we head towards influx of questions our Community will love to know about pitch deck of ROUL and about yourself how long you’ve been in this field?

Ans :
I’m Sky. I worked in marketing, design, product and web dev. I’m a toolkit but handles mostly paid media and product management for our upcoming new features. Been in crypto for a few years now.
Really nice to see you all 🙂

As for myself, 5+ years experience in the startup ecosystem between USA & EUROPE. My main focus is on Community and organic marketing. Few years in the crypto field too 🙌

I am MT! 10 years experience in FINTECH. Specialty in financial messaging and cross border payment solutions. Been in crypto for 10 years also. My primary focus is all aspects of project tokenomics, new marketing sourcing, and DEX/CEXs management.

Q2: We’ve seen so many huge supply tokens launching daily, why investors should hold Roul token for long time?

Ans :
Before I reply, it’s important to share how our project works: We’re a Jackpot token project. You HOLD tokens and can win.
The way it works: On each transaction we have a 5% jackpot fee. All the tokens go to a jackpot wallet.

Then, we have a jackpot contract that picks a winner automatically from the blockchain.

We have 3 jackpots, rules here:
🐠1000+ ROUL makes you eligible for the jackpot every 4 hours.

🐬Being a top 60% ROUL holder makes you eligible for the daily jackpot. (+1000min) → x3.5 bigger jackpot

🐋Being a top 15% ROUL holders makes you eligible for the weekly jackpot. (+2000 min) → x17 bigger jackpot.
We have two key differences when compared to other projects:
- No need to wait for the moon to make a good profit, you can actually win a jackpot from holding 1,000 tokens, then become eligible for the bigger jackpot too.
- We have a clear holder dynamic. We have 66% holders from the start and this percentage will stay stable as most of our holders will want to keep at least 1,000 tokens to qualify for the jackpot. A lot of diamond hands in our ranks !
So basically Holding roul can still make you win a lot of tokens, regardless of price moment. That’s unique. 🙂

Q3: Aside of a Jackpot token. What are the features that makes ROUL Token Better and more unique project than others ?

Ans :
Our focus is in tech and fair games.
We started with 1 jackpot (4 hours one). Within 2 weeks we built 2 more. (I’ll share more about these in a bit). We are now working on our first casino game in telegram.
This is just us starting! We have so much more in mind. As we grow, the chances to win jackpots (and bigger ones) will increase for every holder.

But to summarize some things that makes us unique:

- 100% Automated jackpot. Half our winners in telegram just wake up with their wallet x10 (or even more) during the night !

- Really high winner frequency. 7 per day, 50 per week, more than 200 per month. This is unheard of.

- Low entry for first jackpot and high entry for bigger jackpot -> We don’t promote whales but acknowledge them in our system

To join us :

Q4: Share with us about your plans for 2021, what are you currently focus on, and are you going to expand the list of major exchanges?

Ans :
2021 is going to be wild, we have A LOT of big things planned for the project
- Additional Dex Exchange listings
- Casino DAPP
- Roul Ecosystem expansion such as Bets in ROUL: Poker, blackjack, etc..
- Additional contract audits
- Centralized Exchange listings
- Our Ambassador program
But these are long term (2/3 months opportunities), for the near future we are looking at:
- Telegram Casino (already a prototype!)
- Listings (coingecko done, CMC in progress)
- Audit (telescr soon)
- Additional paid media + influencers video
- Airdrops (we do them every single day. Already spent more than $60,000 USD for the community.

Q5: Marketing is a main element for every project, so that everyone know the potential that a project can bring is vital to achieve the goals set. What is your strategies to attract new users and investors to your project and keep them long term?

Ans :
We have steady, organic growth. 64% holders. This is not something you see everywhere. People believe in the project because they know it’s not only a GO-TO-MOON project. Just take a look at the telegram group, we already have like 20/30 people with JACKPOT Winner tag. This is real. our winners are here and holding !

In the last 3 weeks we focused on setting up the tech and growing organically mostly. Twitter, reddit, other communities and listings (coingecko, CMC, livecoinwatch, etc..)

We also spend a good budget on waterfall ads, telegram push, paid media in poocoin, bogcharts, goswapp, and so on..
We are waiting for Audit results before pushing to bigger influencers. This is going to be a big time for us and everyone who already jumped in the train is gonna benefit from that push !

Also, we created 3 additional contracts in the blockchain, to support our growth.


Q6: Do you have any plans to attract non-crypto investors to your project Because it is the success of a project to get more investors who are still not in the crypto world. What are the plans to increase awareness around your in non-crypto space?

Ans :
Basically our brand resonate with the broad market. We’re not a tech-savy project like 90% of the coins going out now.

We will actually do even better when we hit the people outside crypto world !
Jackpot, lottery, casino, people understand these terms. It sounds simple and our concept is easy to grasp. Furthmore we already seen in our community, Jackpot winners inviting them friends to the party realising that this is for real and working !
We even had the example of a previous Jackpot Winner (Paul is his name, you can find him in main chat ^^) who won then invited 2 friends who won as well in the next days !! crazy !
It’s also simple to participate: Just buy tokens and hold them ! That’s it !
That’s what makes us so appealing for the broad market.
We’ll run big jackpots when we hit broad market. Our biggest yet was 1M $ROUL tokens which is now worth about $42,000 USD.
And remember our growth is just starting and the more daily volume we’ll get, the bigger the jackpots will be !

Q7: There are few tokens in the crypto industry for Casino-related projects.What are the factors that will enable RoulToken to get ahead of these few projects,in which joints do you want to develop yourself?

Ans :
Our project has the advantage the ROUL Token. The current Jackpot lottery system is fully automated within the blockchain, the first on Binance Smart Chain. This means that it will run practically forever, liquidity is locked for about the next 100 years minimum to ensure this. Over the development of the project we plan to bring the full casino experience to your living room.

The 4 hour, daily, and weekly jackpots are only the initial phase of the ROUL ecosystem. We are creating an entire space that includes the jackpots, Casino-related projects, social media games, and many other use cases for our token.
We also have the edge of operating on the Binance Smart Chain platform. Ournetwork fees are relatively low compared to ERC20 which allows us to build a very accessible product. In the future we plan to expand onto other chains as well. We have done initial planning to determine feasibility of expanding onto networks such as FTM, MATIC, NEO, and a few others.

Q8: Which one of these aspects is important for you?
1-Increasing Token Price & Value
2-Empowering Platform Development
3-Building Community Trust
4-Expanding Partnership Globally

Ans :
Ok so obviously everything that you listed here is important but for $ROUL I’d rank community and platform 1st. The rest can wait a bit longer

» If we make people believe in the project, we get holders.
» If we make a solid tech foundation, we get scale.

Increase price and value and the partnerships usually come onboard when the tech is solid and community is happy. 🙌

Q9: Many people are holding #Roul day by day, so the probability of winning is decreasing. To cover this, will the jackpots increase in future??

Ans :

Ok so as stated above, JACKPOTS are correlated with transaction volume. Chances to win traditional jackpot / lottery is one out of millions. It will never happen with us. The odds are WAY too high for now.
Currently 1 chance out of 80 to WIN weekly jackpot ($5,000). Where do you see these odds?
We can later on alter number of tokens required to be eligible for jackpots, so we could change the mechanism if we need to but I believe odds will always be higher than any traditional jackpot.
And thsoe are the odds for the KACPOTS but remember that on top of that we have 50 Winners a week ! So better odds on each jackpots and it happens a lot during 1 month. Easy to understand that odds are in your favor

Q10: Do you have any plans integrating your project with NFT? Will there be the possible options to do staking and farming in future?

Ans :
Staking and farming are naturally built into the project. Staking ROUL is the equivalent of maintaining the minimum required amount of tokens for each Jackpot. The weekly jackpot is for the Top 15% of holders, the daily jackpot is for the Top 60% of holders, and the 4 hour jackpot requires a minimum 1000 ROUL currently. Different levels of staking for all investors!

NFT will definitely become apart of our ecosystem in the future and of course farming rewards come as Jackpots!


1.from Anitaa
A huge jackpot on your project, while your project is new. How do you and your team process it?

Ans :
Everything is fully automated. We don’t need to process anything. Jackpot is handled in the contract (blockchain) and doesn’t require manual manipulation 🙂

2.from musfira hussain
Why can’t I buy/sell $ROUL on PancakeSwap, it keeps giving me an error?

Ans :
Please try with PancakeSwap(V1):
Please use V1🚨
11% slippage

3. from Moises
Regarding your roadmap, I wonder, why project will RouletteDefi be audited?

Ans :
The ROUL TOKEN project is currently being audited by . The purpose is to provide maximum transparency for our holders and potential investors

4. from Umed Alli
As a community driven project and me a developer am interested in contributing to the project, do you have such programs?

Ans :
Yes we do. Please DM me if you want to contribute for rewards / payment

5.from Moises
I read that you are planning to create telegram groups for several languages, but I wonder, is it also possible for the Hispanic community? What about running an ambassador campaign?

Ans :
Yes to both! It is coming to our RoadMap. Latin America is a huge market that has expressed interest in bringing ROUL to spanish speakers

5. from Emma Mackey
Token burn is important for investors, do you have any plan burn or buy pack?

Ans :
At the moment we have 1% burn on each transaction. If it’s required in the futre, we could burn additional supply manually. We actually have 45M tokens locked forever so available supply is lower. We already burned 1M tokens

6. from Mughal Mirza
As the chnaces to win are 1 out of 80 daily so is this depend on the number of tokens we hold?

Ans :
No. You have as many chances an anyone. We have a required number of tokens for each jackpot but we don’t weight your odds based on the number of tokens you hold


Guest: Roul Team

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