🗓 DATE : 2 July 2021


🏠 VENUE : @thecryptostalkers

Guests : LON team( Lon Patrick — Co Founder)



Please introduce yourself and your team. What are your thoughts regarding current bearish moves of market?

Lon Patrick:

Good day everyone again

I’m Patrick a Co founder of the Lon Project and I am a developer and also crypto and Forex trader, the lon project team is made up of blockchain developers and crypto traders, they are currently with us in the group observing😊


2: Briefly can you please define the main concept behind “LON PROJECT”?

Lon Patrick:

Okay so basically Lon Is A Tokenized NFT Launchpad Or IDO Platform built To support young, Scalable And Innovative Projects By The Support Of The Community, our launchpad is definitely going to be one of the best on the Binance SmartChain, because we have revolutionary products and features, a few of which I might mention as we proceed


3: Please share tokenomics and when we will be able to buy LON tokens?

Lon Patrick:

Our Governance coin the Lon token has a total supply of 100 million and the full tokenomics is available on our website LONFINANCE.NET

Concerning being able to buy Lon tokens, we are looking at Holding a presale on a platform to be announced in a few days, do not miss out on info by joining our telegram channel @lon_annoucements and group @lonproject


4: Nowadays there are so many launchpads and IDO platforms in BSC how you’ll differentiate LON from them?

Lon Patrick:

Our launchpad is Community driven

And Transparent, one unique feature also is how we plan to integrate nfts into our platform

Some special NFTs will be used for a lot of special functions, this will be broken down during out beta testing


5: What you’ve done for Community Engagements? Are you looking for local telegram communities to collaborate with various marketing firms?

Lon Patrick:

We have done a few promotional activities to get people to know about the Lon Project

And we are also willing to partner with promising marketing firms to spread the word



6: Looking at your RoadMap in Q3. That LON will have an Private Sale. Specifically, Can you explain When the Private Sale takes place? And what are the requirements to join Private Sale?

Lon Patrick:

We have reviewed the private sale and decided to make it a public sale

That would be adjusted on the roadmap

Since the project is community driven, so each and every member of our community will have an equal chance of getting lon at an early stage


7: As you have mentioned on your website that 5% of total supply will be communtiy reward. How you will divide that reward ?will you manage any air drop??

Lon Patrick:

Yes we have an airdrop ongoing, it would be distributed after we’re listed on our first DEX

Details are also available on our channel


8: When will Beta testing of your platform take place? How do we participate in the Beta Testing of your platform? then What results do you expect after doing Beta Testing?

Lon Patrick:

The Beta testing of our launchpad is coming up in Q3 as our developers have started working on it already, the beta testers would be picked from holders of the Lon Token, a whitelist form would be released in the coming weeks

and yes the beta testing will be done with the first 1000 minted LON NFTs


9: Most of the current launchpads are based on a lottery system to decide who can participate in IDOs. This leaves room for bots to abuse the system and hold a large portion of allocations. What tactical measures will LonProject introduce to ensure fairness and prevent bots attack?

Lon Patrick:

Allocation and voting is done by our community.

And from this voting we will pick eligible members who will participate in each and every IDO.


10: We are witness of more than 100 daily BSC projects. Alot of traffic is here. Investors are confused which we need to invest. So, tell us how #LonProject is different and unique from others?

Lon Patrick:

Our project is here to solve the major problem of saving investors from ruefully and scams in the guise of IDOs and presales. With our launchpad we will present only real and reputable projects to our community

😂😂, we have plans for that, we have monitored the model other launchpad use and devised a way around selling immediately it launches, we wouldn’t want to let the cat out of the bag, so other platforms wouldn’t use our idea 😉


Crypto Fast:

🍀🍀🍀Is your project #LonProject supporting a local community too? What are your plan to increase awareness and adoption where English is not spoken??????????🍀🍀🍀

Lon Patrick:

As we grow, we would definitely open more community groups on discord, wechat, telegram and so on

Ali Gul Balouch:

- Do you have any plans to add Nft’s to your ecosystem as this is the hottest topic in the crypto space ❓❓❓

Lon Patrick:

Yes we definitely do

Our launchpad is built around or relies on NFTs


Can you explain, which one is your top priority? Security, Product, Partnership, or Token price?

Lon Patrick:

Our community is Our top priority, all these mentioned are needed to keep the community safe

A lot of audits by big firms would be done

A lot of products would be released as we progress apart from our launchpad

And we’ll definitely seal some big partnerships soon

Ami Nobab:

For a project awareness amabassador plays a vital role. Do you have any such programmes to participate ? If yes where can I reach about it?There are 3 major issues dominant in crypto and blockchain: Security, Interoperability, and Scalability. so How does Your Project plan to overcome and solve these issues?

Lon Patrick:

Our referral contest will kick off soon with huge reward in BUSD, you can get details soon on our telegram group and channel

Hasaa Ki:

Are you planning to integrate with other different blockchain technologies to expand the ecosystem and generate more trust?

Lon Patrick:

This is very possible depending on what the future brings

But for now we’re on the binance SmartChain 👍


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