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🗓 DATE : 24 July 2021


🏠 VENUE : @thecryptostalkers

Guests : Swirge Team.


Jaffer Ejaz:

Welcome Again, First of all please introduce yourself and your team, how long you’ve been building Swirge?

Mr Jay Crypto:

My name is Johnson Daniel Jonah, I’m a Blockchain Developer and a tech enthusiast focused on Building decentralized technologies and technologies of the future to help put the world into better shape. A computer science graduate.

Swirge is an ecosystem that embodies a decentralized social media, a decentralized financial system, and a marketplace built on Binance Smart Chain. Swirge ecosystem is a user-centric platform that is built with users in mind. First, to protect the user’s data and information and give them total control over their data.

Swirge also has subsidiary products like the Swirge Finance, — Our Decentralized Financial product.

secondly, to give users the power to create wealth by socializing and the opportunity to take charge of their finances. Our solutions offer a user-friendly social platform, and we are so proud to share it with the entire world.

I and my co founder Mr. Keith Mali Chung have been working on Swirge since early 2019 and launched our first product to the public in 2020.


2: Please enlight the main concept behind “Swirge”, How many industries you’ve targeted via Swirge platform? 👀

Mr Jay Crypto:

As I have already explained about Swirge above and the exciting products that we are working on, I will love to talk about our industry. The target market is huge, mostly based on the products that we are building. We are mostly targeting countries that are in dire need of complete decentralization like Nigeria, India, and most Asian and African countries, we aim to build a product that solves this problem and gives control back to the people.


3: Can you please explain a little bit what happened to old $SWGb and what are your plans with new $SWG?

Mr Jay Crypto:

SWGb was exploited as reported in this TWEET;

We also did and currently migrating holders of the old SWGb tokens to the new SWG token on Binance Smart Chain, More details can be found in our telegram group @Swirgepay

The plans remain the same, to build a decentralized social media platform, marketplace, and payment platform. Just see Swirge as a decentralized Wechat, built on the blockchain.


4: Currently SWGToken ($SWG) is so Undervalued with low liquidity, Why should I buy New $SWG? Any updates you want to share?

Mr Jay Crypto:

thank you for this question, personally I don’t give financial advice and try as much as possible to stay away from talks relating to token prices, But I can assure you that as long as we are constantly building, there is hope for a brighter future.

We are currently working on a big update for our decentralized social media platform, with a totally new User interface that improves the user experience, and solves all known bugs, An update that will put us in a position to finally compete with the known social media platforms.

We have professional developers currently working with us on this big update.


5: Please introduce “Swirge Finance” to our community also what’s the usecase and future of $SWFI Swirge Finance Token?

Mr Jay Crypto:

Swirge Finance is a Swirge subsidiary focused on building decentralized financial products on the blockchain like a Multi-chain yield optimizer and staking platform operating on Binance Smart Chain and ( Avalanche and Huobi Eco Chain ).

The Swirge Finance Token on the other hand is a fair launch token with no pre-mine or team token allocation. You then ask how will this new token be minted?

Upon creation of the Swirge Finance token, a farming pool will be deployed on Swirge Finance to enable SWG holders to stake their SWG tokens and yield the new Swirge Finance Token (SWFI) thereby minting new tokens into circulation. This of course will be the only method to mint the new Swirge Finance Token, and the entire process is controlled by various smart contracts deployed on the blockchain.

More products are coming to Swirge Finance which spells good for the SWFI token. And a token burn for SWFI is around the corner. The first token burn for SWFI.



6: Three decentralized products of Swirge is Social Media, Marketplace, and Swirge Pay. We know it must be hard to develop all of them at the same time, but you must have a prioritized product. What product will be the main focused to develop to compete with similiar project?

Mr Jay Crypto:

Our major focus remains our first product, A decentralized social media platform, built with a Marketplace and payment platform, yes it is difficult but it is very much possible.

We will continue to put in more effort on all our known products like the Swirge Finance platform, as we continue to grow we will have dedicated separate teams to focus independently on each of our products, which in turn improves each and every product greatly.


Assigned team for each feature!! Makes sense

A little cross Question 🙋

What about new staking and farming pools of Swirge Finance? Are you planning to offer staking option for $SWG?

Mr Jay Crypto:

Sure, are, Best to stay tuned via our telegram channel for when new pools are up. @swirgepay Thank you.


7: I read about the plans for some Updates that #Swirge will do, in July to be exact, Can you tell us what the progress is and how far is progress?

Mr Jay Crypto:

Thank you, Currently we are in an in-house testing phase for the big update on the decentralized social media platform, A lot will definitely happen, so do stay tuned via our telegram channel to catch the latest update as it happens, @swirgepay Thank you.


8: After a stunning launch of swirge last year , it shows a huge decline in engagement now. What are your plans to bring back confidence of users, investors and traders in Swirge.

Mr Jay Crypto:

In every startup, there are always those trying times, all I ask is for the community and especially investors to patiently hold on will us. We always continue to build and we have huge marketing plans, partnerships, and deals in place, which we did put on pending until we have our Big Social platform update, which after then we can massively commence our marketing plans, partnership announcements, and deals we have in place.


9: Since Swirge is built on POLYGON & BSC, is there a token bridge in the app to enhance cross chain interoperability?

Is $SWG on Polygon or just $SWFI?

Mr Jay Crypto:

None yet, but we will have a bridge set up shortly, we don’t just want to rush the setup so that we can give a very good bridge setup for the community.


10: What are the ways that Swirgenetwork generates profits/revenue to maintain Swirgenetwork project and what is its revenue model ? How can it make benefit win-win to both invester and Swirgenetwork?

Mr Jay Crypto:

Swirge decentralized social media will generate revenue majorly through ads, and fees collected on the decentralized marketplace and payment platform. Not to worry the fees are very considerate. Thank you.

We all know that major existing social media generates revenues of more than $700 million dollars. There is potential in the space and Swirge is more than a social media. It encompasses a decentralized marketplace and a decentralized payment platform. With this Swirge has a huge potential.



i have a question,

Smart contracts are still, prone to bugs. How secure, is your smart contract? so that we believe, Your project is safe and good for the future of investors???,”@MrJaycrypto

Mr Jay Crypto:

Swirge Smart contract has not been audited by third parties it has only be done in house. We also in talks with external auditors to get our strategy smart contracts and vaults audited too.

Mason Greyback:

Which one of these aspects is important for you?

1-Increasing Token Price & Value

2-Empowering Platform Development

3-Building Community Trust

4-Expanding Partnership Globally

In what order?

Mr Jay Crypto:

2-Improving Platform Development. and 4-Expanding Partnership Globally. and 3-Building Community Trust. All aspects are important us, but these are the 3 we are focused on, in other to grow.

Lovely_DC 💋:

Can you explain about these 3 things (sNGN, sINR, sPKR). What are the differences and advantages of each?

Mr Jay Crypto:

Swirge Finance will deploy and manage the first-of-its-kind decentralized stable coins (sNGN, sINR, sPKR), and will offer yield and staking options for these stable coins.

Bn Valobasa:

While you build your project, do you take into account community feedbacks and demands?While you build your project, do you take into account community feedbacks and demands??

Mr Jay Crypto:

Yes we do, we build and improve based on the feedback we get from the community.


☑️☑️☑️Where can i buy your token?

How can i stay updated with your project?provide your all social media links?

Mr Jay Crypto:

You can buy any of the Swirge tokens from Pancakeswap, To stay tuned via updates, we ask that you join out telegram group, Thank you.


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