🗓 DATE : 29 July 2021

TIME : 3:30 PM UTC

🏠 VENUE : @thecryptostalkers

Guests : The HUSL Team.



Before we head towards influx of Questions we would like to hear more about you and your team. How long you’ve been building “The HUSL”?

Crypto Steve Urkel (Won’t DM You):

What started as an idea and dream at the end of March has finally turned into a reality.

About 5 months! 5 months of blood, sweat and tears. Such a long time but I think it will be well worth it once the final product is live

While they are typing I’m Varun, aka cryoto steve Urkel. I’m a crypto degen and also a lawyer for loves nft!

Sapphire Adizes:

My name is Sapphire Adizes.

I am a music producer/songwriter/multi instrumentalist. I have over 170 million streams on Spotify, performed for audiences of 40,000+, flew out to work in the Kanye West camp, etc. and in my entire career in the music industry I have found at every turn, an extremely frustrating wall. My commitment and love for building the HUSL, comes from my experience of intermediaries hindering the relationship between producer/artists/fans than from helping. NFTS/the HUSL will change everything and make it possible for these 3 to communicate financially through the block chain.

We have an incredible team of top music industry executives/artists/advisors and an incredible team of top crypto people.


2: Tell us more about “The HUSL” What’s the Concept behind this?

Crypto Steve Urkel (Won’t DM You):

The concept behind the husl is we all are trying to make it in life. Everyone in cryoto we all are hustling to improve our financial situations

Artists are the same way especially in the music world

Sapphire Adizes:

The concept is:

Never before in history has there been an opportunity like NFTS where an artist and a fan (investor) become so connected financially.


3: NFT hype is on peak how you manage to introduce new features in it to differentiate your project from other NFT projects?

Sapphire Adizes:

THE HUSL is the answer to those questions. THE HUSL transforms artists’ unreleased songs, artwork, clothing, jewelry, collectibles, and experiences into non-fungible tokens (NFT), unique digital assets coded using blockchain technology and bought and sold by fans online. Just like that $2,000,000-album, each NFT artist’s release with THE HUSL is precious precisely because it is a one-of-a-kind piece of art. Finally, artists have full control over the music, merchandise, and moments they choose to offer in exclusive batches to millions of passionate, loyal fans worldwide.

THE HUSL offers fans a sleek, modern, user-friendly online experience. When purchasing prized collectibles by their favorite artists, fans do not need to worry about shipping costs or currency conversion — all transactions are in Ethereum, an international and accessible cryptocurrency.


Yeah really incredible!! For this we need to partner with major NFT projects to get more exposure of people of same thinking and artists. Crypto Stalkers have vast connections and can help build major partnerships 🎊

4: Major stores like “Spotify” have now enabled the customers to sell their NFT, the Question here how you’ll make sure to list the work of real artists?

Crypto Steve Urkel (Won’t DM You):

Well we aren’t really concerned with traditional dsps like Spotify but what we want to do is empower artists to act on their own terms and monetize their true value

We want to empower them and give them freedom to operate how they want and when they want and with what they want

So real artists who come to us will have the ability to sell anything they want with us and as a result we will have plenty of artists that want to associate with the HuSL


5: Community activities and outreach to major artists is important, Are you looking to partner with major NFT projects? 👀

Sapphire Adizes:

I am friends with the heads of the biggest NFT projects out, and we have spoken about partnerships.



6: So my question is that Is kyc needed to be an user of $HUSL? If so, are there any other processes instead of kyc to be a part in $HUSL??

Crypto Steve Urkel (Won’t DM You):

Simple answer only need kyc if you are participating in an ido. We don’t handle any of that but whatever platform we use you will deal with them and their regulatory requirements


7: What is the utility and use case of HUSL Token? Can it be used outside of The HUSL Platform? Where are you currently on the road map and what positive results have you acheived so far?

Crypto Steve Urkel (Won’t DM You):

Utility for our token will be implemented on day 1. Stake our token and receive a second token which can be used on our site to be redeemed for free nfts, free experiences, and other really cool things!

Want to meet your fav celebrity working with us and want a zoom call? Well if you stake our tokens long enough you might have that chance!

We will make sure our token holders are rewarded. The more you stake the better things you will get.



8: Many projects claim to be global but then present certain limitations when you want to access them or buy their tokens, I would like to know if THE HUSL presents some kind of restriction with any country or region? Are they available for all countries, specifically Latin America?

Crypto Steve Urkel (Won’t DM You):

No restrictions. We are a project for the entire world.



How important is the community to Your project? and How can we collaborate or help share token for the development of the project?

Crypto Steve Urkel (Won’t DM You):

Community is literally the most important thing to our project. Without a strong community supporting us and our artists we are literally nothing

Nft projects only do well if they have loyal supporters who believe in their vision and support them.

We are focusing all our efforts to make a project the whole world is proud of



What makes you feel confident about the survival & sustainable success of Your project in the near future?

Crypto Steve Urkel (Won’t DM You):

Simply put our ability to attract to music artists to our platform and our ability to engage with the crypto world

Our ability to make this platform fun and exciting for all

Focusing on the crypto world first is something we aim to do and that will gives us long lasting success



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