AMA RECAP : Spicy Gems x AAG Ventures

Date : 04 December 2021
Host : Shaun
Guest : AAG Ventures Team (Jack Vinijtrongjit — CEO).

Hello Spicy Gems Community and Metaverse Enthusiasts!

We recently hosted an AMA with AAG Ventures. So here we are up with the AMA transcript, for those who missed the live session, this post will be a time saver & a feeder of knowledge for everyone.


Shaun | Spicy Gems:

Please introduce yourself to the community members.

Would love to hear about your journey so far in the Crypto field and about your role in the project?

Jack Vinijtrongjit — AAGV — Will Not DM First:

Sure. My background is in enterprise software with a specialty in building scalable software infrastructure and integration. I have been in probably 7+ industries and now my focus is back to the blockchain space I have been around casually for the past 5 years or so. I believe blockchain tech is amazing and I’m always amazed at what people come up with.

My role as the CEO is to shape the vision of the company and gather all the talents we need to be successful. I’m also very technical so I do get my hands dirty with engineering work.

Shaun | Spicy Gems:

Great to hear that 🙂. Once again welcome to our community

Let’s hear about the project.

We would like you to start off with an elevator-pitch for those that have not heard of AAG Ventures yet.

Jack Vinijtrongjit — AAGV — Will Not DM First:

Here’s the shortest possible pitch I can give:

Enterprise-grade platform/infrastructure/backbone for Play-To-Earn, Learn-To-Earn, and metaverse with multi-DAO structure. AAG Platform simplifies experiences for scholars and guilds, as well as allowing game studios, exchanges, developers (who want to build monetizable apps on the AAG platform), NFT lenders to plugin into the metaverse.

Shaun | Spicy Gems:

Let’s talk more in depth about the project.

Metaverse and NFT is a hot topic in the current market. AAG Ventures aims to Create Economic Freedom Worldwide Through the Metaverse Economy. What makes your project stand out from the rest. We would love to hear the killer features of AAG Ventures. Could you please tell us about that?

Jack Vinijtrongjit — AAGV — Will Not DM First:

Sure. First, we have our infrastructure layer called Project Titan, which will allow us to scale to any number of users. It also provide security and extensibility so our users will be protected from hackers and scam. You won’t hear this often from other projects where quickly put things together and worry about the fundamental when it’s too late.

Project Titan also allows us to build out an ecosystem of developers so even though we might have 10 engineers for example, we can actually have 1000+ developers who can build apps and monetize on our platform.

Second, I think we understand the problem in the space really well and actually care about user exprience.

Shaun | Spicy Gems:

That sounds great, definitely it will boost the project’s development as well as the Crypto market.

Sergio | @spicygems:

Think big since start. This is due by your background: a lot of project have scalability issues.

Jack Vinijtrongjit — AAGV — Will Not DM First:

For example, we want to make sure that the management of cryptocurrency is not a barrier to entering the space. Our users who don’t care about dealing with crypto won’t know that there’s crypto involved at all. They can play and the money just shows up in their bank account.

Shaun | Spicy Gems:

This would increase the user interaction as well as help to avoid confusion among users

That’s awesome 😎😎

Jack Vinijtrongjit — AAGV — Will Not DM First:

Yes, imagine playing 10 games and having to deal with 10 tokens on 10 different exchanges. That will turn a lot of people off.

Especially, if they are not a crypto-savvy person

Shaun | Spicy Gems:

Agree with you.

Now that we have a little info on the project lets hear about the AAGV team.

How many members is your core team made of? What’s their backgrounds, and experiences?

Jack Vinijtrongjit — AAGV — Will Not DM First:

For the list, I would encourage everyone to go here.

We currently have 17 full-time and 46 people from my last count. We are in 17 countries around the world. Between just the 4 more senior members of our team, we have close to 80 years of enterprise software experiences. I actually would bet that most of you guys use something we built in the past almost daily.

Shaun | Spicy Gems:

Wow, you have a global community, definitely would attract worldwide investors and users.

Jack Vinijtrongjit — AAGV — Will Not DM First:

Yes, for our guild side, we are also in 7 countries with boots the ground. We don’t outsource it like many other guilds

Shaun | Spicy Gems:

What are the major partnerships done so far and who are the backers of the project? How have these played a major role in your project’s development?

Jack Vinijtrongjit — AAGV — Will Not DM First:

We have 4 partners on the security side alone and I can only talk about 3 of them today.

1) Lossless

2) Hacken

3) Cybavo

This is what really set apart. We care deeply about the foundation coz if you are on a shaky one, you just can’t scale. It’s not something you can slap on later.

For the gaming side, we have announced a few like Vulcan Forged. We do deep integration with these games because we want to provide the best experience for our users.

Then there are partners on the guild partnership side. We will reveal it in the near future. I would say it’s a little bit of a plot twist.

We have also more backers to announce in additional to what we have here.

Watch for the announcements next week.

Shaun | Spicy Gems:

Please tell us about the AAG Ventures upcoming IDOs and listing in the Major exchanges? How can users participate in the public sale and directly benefit from the project?

Jack Vinijtrongjit — AAGV — Will Not DM First:

We have an IDO coming up on Copper Launch on Dec 12th at NOON UTC. It’s a fair launch so you won’t have to be whitelisted or fight for allocation. Whale also won’t be able to snap up everything in seconds unless they want to give us $1b+ in which I would thank them I guess. 🙂

It’s a new kind of launch pad that we feel strongly about since it allows for maximum distribution. If you want to wait for a day to participate, you can. But we would also love to see the demands early as well.

Shaun | Spicy Gems:

Community members mark the date.

Jack Vinijtrongjit — AAGV — Will Not DM First:

We will share more info within the next few days as well.

Shaun | Spicy Gems:

Will wait eagerly for that

Please tell us about the token and how is it implemented in the project’s ecosystem? Could you please tell us about Tokenomics?

Jack Vinijtrongjit — AAGV — Will Not DM First:

The AAG token will carry numerous utilities that will generate demand for and bolster the price of the token. These utilities include:

1) Acting as a universal currency for Play-To-Earn (P2E) games and Learn-to-Earn (L2E) applications — as the number of P2E games and L2E applications proliferates, the ecosystem will need simplified payment. The AAG token will serve as a universal medium of exchange across all future P2E games and L2E applications. AAG will simplify the process for scholars to receive payment, convert their earnings into other crypto or fiat currencies and reduce the risk of wallet mismanagement or fraud.

2) Acquiring fractional ownership of GameFi NFTs — we will create a program that allows individuals to gain access to higher-priced NFTs that may otherwise be unaffordable (e.g., metaverse real estate). AAG Tokens can be used to participate in these investments so that individuals can capture potentially outsized returns that are usually only available to the wealthy.

3) Paying for AAG Platform’s cloud services — AAG tokens will be used to pay for AAG platform services that are meant to solve problems faced by P2E guilds in a turnkey and reliable manner. Platform services include payroll; metrics and performance management; wallet management; fast and efficient breeding and access to ecosystem data and intelligence.

4) Paying for scholars to play and generate yield from idle NFTs — NFT owners who have underutilized NFTs can pay for scholars in AAG Platform’s scholar queue to play and generate yield from their idle NFTs.

5) Voting rights in any of the DAOs — AAG Ventures will have DAOs that represent its various components, including P2E Platform, P2E Guild, L2E, and the Nonprofit Foundation DAOs. The AAG token will carry voting rights in any of these DAOs. As an example, voting rights in the P2E Platform DAO will allow AAG token holders to influence the platform roadmap. The voting power of an entity will be proportional to the number of tokens staked as well as their level of participation in the DAO.

In terms of tokenomics, 2.75% will be sold to the public with no lockup. On day 1, maximum of 6.8% will be in circulating supply, but that includes out allocation for liquidity so it will probably be close to 4% to start.

More tokens will be released over time including the team token which we won’t have access to until the end of next year.

Shaun | Spicy Gems:

And lastly,

Could you briefly describe the milestones AAG Ventures has achieved, and about your upcoming plans?What are the vision and goals in your project that you want to achieve in 2021 and beyond?

Jack Vinijtrongjit — AAGV — Will Not DM First:

So far we have built out Project Titan so we can build our AAG Platform on top. That’s in beta stage and we are feeling very good about it.

Now are focusing on launching our first module which is the scholar portal and that will be available end of year, early Jan and 2,000+ of our scholars will have access to it.

Sergio | @spicygems:

Explain more about this.

Jack Vinijtrongjit — AAGV — Will Not DM First:

We will them open it up to our beta partners such as guilds early next year and aim for a self-service cloud platform towards the end of the year.

Most of the guild’s operations are very manual and it stops guilds from being able to grow quickly if at all. One of our beta partners that had 150 scholars had to scale back down to 85 because of that. What we want to do is provide the right tools so that guilds of any size can operate efficiently so they can provide value to their own team as well as being able keep expanding.

Running guild is not easy when it comes to our size.


Jack Zone:


The biggest problem of every gaming platform is their security. My question is, how is the security of your platform? What confidence does the investor get by investing in AAG Ventures project for a long time?

#AAG Ventures_AMA

Jack Vinijtrongjit — AAGV — Will Not DM First:

We take this very seriously. For example, we even have a mechanism to potentially help you get back your tokens if your wallet is hacked. We are also working with Cybavo and other partners to provide enterprise-grade custody solutions to our users. No more private key, no more hardware wallet. That’s the goal.



What are the main goals of your project? Are you planning to work in all the countries of the world???

#AAG Ventures_AMA

Jack Vinijtrongjit — AAGV — Will Not DM First:

We are already in 7 countries for our guild and we are aiming to expand quickly to 16. Our goal is to understand how things operate in each country so that we can provide the best solution with language, culture, access to technology, etc. in mind.

William Blake:

Can you explain how is your Tokenomics Distribution? How many tokens Will be minted ? And How many tokens Will be locked by the team?

Jack Vinijtrongjit — AAGV — Will Not DM First:

We have 1B tokens total. Again 2.75% will be sold during the IDO with no lockup. With the small amount available for our private backers + our liquidity allocation, we are at 6.8% max in circulation on day 1. 3% are for liquidity so we will only deploy as needed to make sure the market is liquid. We expect close to 4% in circulating supply on day 1.

Chien Jekt:

Which one of these aspects important for you?

Increasing Token Price&Value

Empowering Platform Development

Building Community Trust

Expanding Partnership Globally

And why ,sir?

Jack Vinijtrongjit — AAGV — Will Not DM First:

I would say all of them. We want to take care of everyone and as long as we keep delivering our products to make sure it’s the best in class, I would think it will cover all 4. There is a reason why we chose to build the infrastructure later first. That will allow us to deliver at a much faster pace.




cryptocurrency enthusiast,WRITER and reader.

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cryptocurrency enthusiast,WRITER and reader.

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