BITLOCUS : Reliable, Risk-mitigated, Easy.

3 min readApr 19, 2022
Return Rates


Bitlocus is a platform that allows its users to deal with digital currencies, e.g. invest assets into decentralized finance (DeFi). Investing via our platform is easy, risk-mitigated and compliant, so even non crypto-savvy users can invest.

1. Deposit Easily

Deposit using SEPA, SWIFT or crypto payments and start investing within minutes.

  • No deposit fees
  • Start with as little as 10 EUR (or equivalent in crypto)

2. Curated Investment Options

We hand-pick and evaluate the best DeFi investment options for you.

  • Compounding daily interest
  • Low 0.5% investment fee

3. Easy Withdrawals

Close your positions any time and withdraw your assets in either crypto or EUR (SEPA, SWIFT).

  • Fast payment processing
  • Use Payrico banking service for frictionless EUR transfers

Investing Made Easy

You never have to touch a crypto wallet, exchange or deal with crypto transactions. Deposit euros directly and let your money work for you — instantly.

Up to 17% annual interest

  • EUR and crypto deposits & withdrawals
  • Start with as little as 10 EUR
  • Compound interest & daily payouts

For a person without in-depth crypto knowledge, investing can seem confusing with all of the different procedures and constantly changing numbers. But that’s what Bitlocus is here for.

The Bitlocus Investment Platform allows you to take part in crypto investment funds using traditional currencies, such as Euros. It is just like a traditional savings account but with much better interest rates — offering stable 5–20% annual interest on your investment.

Return Rates

Risk vs Reward is always the name of the game when it comes to investing. While traditional options like Bonds or Saving Accounts are the typically safe choices in the FIAT world — Bitlocus is looking to change that. Offering better returns on relatively safe stablecoin lending or “staking” yield farming opportunities.

If traditional finance offers less than 1% returns on most low-risk investments, stablecoin staking returns vary between 2% and 19%.

That’s why Bitlocus is not focusing on crypto-centric users that already understand all the ins and outs of DeFi investing. We’re opening the gateway to FIAT investors — providing them with an opportunity to diversify their assets through an easy-to-use service.

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Passive Income through crypto staking is gaining popularity and has both aspects of drowning instantly or growing vastly. BITLOCUS has been working to bring up all the features of all investment strategies into a single Dapp. Current users face a lot of issues handling so many Investment platforms. People will surely have a keen interest on this platform with more updates to come.




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